As an emerging portrait and visual artist, Sonia’s work focuses on everyday people of various ethnicities as well as historical figures from the past and present that have contributed to our country’s cultural mosaic through the teachings of diversity via religion and politics.

Her signature trademark is her portrait work emphasizing light and dark contrasts to show various levels of facial expressions which are visually appealing to the eye.    


She envisions that her work will help to bring communities of all nationalities together through the various compositions and themes she has created for over 20 years.    

Even though she works in other mediums such as oil, pastel and pencils, her preference is to work in Acrylic.  Her work has been featured on City TV, Cogeco TV, Humber TV 2009 and in various local newspapers across the GTA and surrounding areas such as  the Hamilton Spectator, Burlington Post, Metro, Now Magazines amd Humber Et Cetera, 2009 Caribana Festival Guide and Sway, just to name a few.   Her work was featured at the New York Art Expo in February 2008.  

She is proud to be one of the 50 artists that has participated in Scotiabank Caribana Art Exhibition (Colourblind) brought to you by the Association of African Canadian Artists at the Royal Ontario Museum for the past 3 years.